This house can be called "Llama Central".. Located a few blocks from Eastern Market three band members and give or take a manager or two have lived here at different times and the house has seen countless performances at party after party filled with good vibes and great friends.....And it ain't over yet

05-Eastern Market Soho.mp3

February 14 2009 at Red and the Black Bar. The Llamas hit DC's "Atlas District." 

Outer Body Llama performing Jesus Christ Superstar in its entirety at HR57 July 23 2007!!!!!!! (pictures courtesy of Randy Smith video collection)

July 7 and August 4 2006 in Adams Morgan at Staccatos & at "Wig Party" at the Dann's October 5 2006 (pictures courtesy of Mike Haworth)

Outer Body Llama at the Velvet Lounge (early 00s) 

October 29, 2000 Outer Body Llama halloween edition!! (pictures courtesy of Mark Meyerson)

 In the beginning... let there be rock (pictures courtesy of the Howard Park IV Archives)

 Back in the early days Howard  Park and Dan Wray were the band's managers

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